Services & Prices

If you are planning on expanding your business to the German market you will need a language professional who can help you create a professional profile that works well in your new market. With more than ten years of translation experience, and a good knowledge of the German market we will not only translate your content flawlessly, but also adapt it to your target audience. Our goal is that readers do not even recognize our texts as translations. This is also where our transcreation (creative translation with optional amendments), copywriting and localization skills come into play.

Translation Services

We offer professional translations into German and Spanish for your web content, marketing texts, brochures, and much more. Committed to the principle of dual control, we guarantee translations of highest quality. Depending on content, format, delivery time and research effort, we translate your texts starting from 12cents*/word (based on source text). Please feel free to contact us for a customized offer.

12 to 20 cents* per word (based on source text)


Do you need a text, but don’t really get into the writing flow? We are your partner for marketing and SEO texts. We professionally create search engine optimized texts for your website, blog posts, and much more. The prices depend on the length, delivery times and of course the subject area of the texts. We charge an hourly rate of 50€*. Simply reach out to us and we’ll find a solution for your personal requirements.

50€ hourly fee*


Do you need a transcript of audio or video material? Be it an interview, a lecture or cinematic material, we deliver fast and accurate transcriptions. We adapt the text format individually to your needs, set time stamps as required and mark speaker changes. Depending on language density, recording quality, use of technical terms, or speaker accents, we charge 2 to 4€* per audio minute. We would be happy to make you an individual offer for your project. Simply contact us.

2 to 4€* per audio minute.


We provide professional captions and subtitles for video material of all kinds. Make your video content more accessible and reach more people. We offer perfectly time synced captions, i.e. same-language subtitles as well as translated subtitles that are optimized for readability. We charge 4 to 16€ * per minute of video material depending on content density, complexity and delivery terms.
Contact us for an individualized offer for your project.

Captions (perfectly time synced transcription) 4 to 8€* per video minute.
English and German Subtitles (including transcription, translation and perfectly time synced) 8 to 16€* per video minute.


We put the finishing touches to your text. Especially if you want to print a text, we protect you from having to discover the first typo on page one. We charge an hourly rate of 50€*. Don’t hesitate to get into contact and let’s talk your individual project through.

50€ hourly fee*

*All prices are exclusive of VAT.