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High quality translations from and into German, English and Spanish.


How much do I have to pay for a translation?

The costs of a translation depend on various factors. The most important consideration is the difficulty and specialisation of a text. General texts are a lot quicker to work on and therefore are more economic than technical texts.

Other important factors are the medium on which a text is delivered. You need less time to translate a simple Word file than for, say, a barely legible fax or an audiofile, which maybe even needs to be transcribed.

The overall costs of a translation are usually calculated per standard page, line or word of the source text. This method enables us to provide our clients with a binding offer with no unpleasant surprises.

Our rates include the translation, spell checking and proofreading by a native professional.


Text type                                                                                      Rate in EUR/word

General texts                                                                                              0,11
Technical texts (depending on grade of specialisation)                             0,12-0,15


Where appropriate, we might require an extra charge between 10 – 20% for urgent projects that demand we work during the weekend or over night.

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