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Cornelia Keßler


Comunica was founded by Cornelia in 2010, when she was about to finish her translation studies at the University of Valladolid. And this is the path she took:
As a high school student, back in 1999, she participated in an exchange program spending one year in Anchorage, Alaska, where she obtained an American High School Diploma and perfected her knowledge of the English language. Back home in Germany she finished her school carreer as the third best of her year. As she had always been fascinated by the Spanish culture and language, she travelled through Spain several months in 2002. Again back in Germany, she began her translation and interpretation studies at the University of Leipzig, where she finished the undergraduate program. In 2007, she started her studies as an Erasmus studentat the University of Valladolid in the Translation and Interpretations Department in Soria . She decided to stay at the University of Valladolid  and in 2011 obtained the University title „Licienciada en traducción e interpretación“ which can be compared to a Master degree. She started right away as a freelancer and has been working successfully since then. Her fields of specialization are  legal contracts, websites, tourism, business and marketing.

“Cornelia is one of our most valued translators who work with us on a regular basis. We always find Cornelia extremely responsive, the quality of her translations is excellent and always on time.  We will not hesitate to recommend her services.”

Sabina Clark

Director at Synergy Language Services Ltd

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